The 1st Enochian Key represents the acceptance and understanding of thy Father. The establishment of One God and His glorious Gospel. The acceptance of His laws which provide His powers, and the wisdom to pursue divine and earthly beginnings and absolutes.

The 2nd Enochian Key allows every human being to pay homage to his God within which sustain life, and is the gateway to salvation. It is the waking of the morning star, the mediator between God and mankind, and new dawn.

The 3rd Enochian Key removes the heretics of world leaders and governments, and re-establishes one world order. Spiritual and angelic warfare in a triumphant procession. It is the cleansing of fire, sovereign power and authority, and the rising of the son of man.

The 4th Enochian Key refers to the cycling of the ages of time.

The 5th Enochian Key replaces false prophets, and false religions. It is the reinstitution of spiritual teachings, faith and truth, sanctification and purification, springin…